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  No one expected ______ Felix ______ Ben to be selected. They must be extremely happy.
    (A) neither ... nor  
(B) both ... and
    (C) both ... or  
    (D) not only ... and  
2.   I don't think we can make it ______ you pitch in.
    (A) if  
(B) unless
    (C) and  
    (D) and yet  
3.   ______ night fell, the children packed their things and were ready to leave.
    (A) Despite  
(B) Unless
    (C) As  
    (D) For  
4.   They did not do well in the physical test. ______, they were accepted.
    (A) Yet  
(B) Consequently
    (C) Thus  
    (D) Therefore  
5.   We mentioned it to him ______ we ran into him outside the school.
    (A) when  
(B) whenever
    (C) where  
    (D) wherever  
6.   They were told to practice more ______ they would face elimination in the final game.
    (A) or  
(B) and
    (C) so  
    (D) but  
7.   _______ the blue dress ______ the yellow one look cheap. I like neither.
    (A) Either ... or  
(B) Neither ... nor
    (C) Both ... or  
    (D) Both ... and  
8.   ______ we comforted her, she could not seem to get over the bad experience.
    (A) Although  
    (B) For  
    (C) Since  
    (D) Therefore  

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