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  He realized that he only stood a slim chance ______ he didn't give up.
    (A) and yet  
(B) or else
    (C) but also  
    (D) and then  
2.   The children, ______ the teacher, were all enjoying the hilarious show.
    (A) as well  
(B) as well as
    (C) but also  
    (D) not only  
3.   The teacher has explained the method to her many times. ______, she does not seem to get it.
    (A) Still  
(B) Therefore
    (C) Consequently  
    (D) Thus  
4.   They started the variety show according to schedule ______ the poor attendance.
    (A) although  
(B) in spite of
    (C) but for  
    (D) and yet  
5.   The center will be closed ______ renovation works until further notice.
    (A) even with  
(B) because
    (C) due to  
    (D) despite  
6.   ______ Tim ______ I am a club member. ______, we cannot go in.
    (A) Either ... or ... Yet  
(B) Neither ... nor ... Therefore
    (C) Both .. and ... Still  
    (D) Both ... and ... Consequently  
7.   Ellen's grandparents dote on her very much, ______ she is their only grandchild.
    (A) for  
(B) when
    (C) and  
    (D) yet  
8.   ______ the lesson proceeded, we started to understand the topic better.
    (A) Although  
    (B) Even  
    (C) For  
    (D) As  

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