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  I will let you know ______ I receive the report.
    (A) when  
(B) whenever
    (C) since  
    (D) and  
2.   They waited for her for almost an hour. ______, she did not turn up.
    (A) Therefore  
(B) Consequently
    (C) However  
    (D) Thus  
3.   ______ you never asked, how would I know you wanted the document ?
    (A) Since  
(B) Although
    (C) Yet  
    (D) Even if  
4.   I was busy doing my homework ______ my brothers were busy playing video games.
    (A) whenever  
(B) while
    (C) so that  
    (D) or else  
5.   She takes her sister with her ______ she goes.
    (A) when  
(B) where
    (C) whenever  
    (D) wherever  
6.   ______ you can show him the membership card, he will let you in.
    (A) If  
(B) While
    (C) Although  
    (D) Unless  
7.   They offered to do it for her ______ she declined their offer.
    (A) or  
(B) when
    (C) but  
    (D) for  
8.   They were told to switch off all the lights ______ going to bed.
    (A) after  
    (B) whenever  
    (C) before  
    (D) unless  

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