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Be my Valentine


BABY baby

You are such a ladies' man

So many girls after you

You used to keep in touch with me

Now you don't even remember my name


Will these girls chase you

When you are no longer in the limelight

Like how I wish to be with you

No matter how oblivious you are to me


I wish to talk more to you

But how can I when so many girls surround you

Day and night

I am just a shadow


You are hot and charismatic

And you say the right words all the time

Making girls fall head over heels for you

I see it with my own eyes


I have walked by you jus tot say "Hi !"

There were times I have looked away

Too much competition

Everywhere you go


But now the day of love has come

And I must cross its line

And so I ask you, through this poem

To be my Valentine



To Mum


A woman's handbag

Acid Rain


On the outside, looking in


Saying so much by saying so little




Love and Roses

Edge of the night

Our song

Think about it

Be my Valentine

Dedicated to F

Down flight



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