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  Love ... Back to school  
  Mother's Magic touch You are, therefore I am  
  Lost I don't need to breathe  
  On just any day Have You Ever ?  
  Beyond compare In the Cathedral Gardens  
  Dear Mum Until I saw the Sea  

Happy Mother's Day


  Daddy's Shoes Who's Been at the Toothpaste ?  
  A poem for Dad This Rainy Day  
  Inner self Slow Bike Race  
  Hope is Battle of the ages  
  Should friends be just friends ? Shadow lovers  
  Love isn't love until


  One final goodbye The Quilt  
  Stretching out to her beloved Lifestyle  
  A pirate's adventure The Lake  
  TAO The Sound of Childhood  
  TEENS Buffalo Dusk  
  Lost and found Mouser  
  As the world changes

Day Flight

  Remembrance The Beach  
  Please don't leave me ! Heatrock  

Undying love

I Saw the Wind Today  
  A lake named Vasfree African Sunrise  
  It's now or never, forever The Cloud-mobile  
  Once upon a time Nooligan  

With Terms and Conditions

The boastful poet  
  And so she dreams In the lecture hall  
  Last goodbye

To the weary

  At my writing desk Much more than this  
  Blank space in my mind Cafe de Noche  
    Poetry 1  
    Poetry 2  
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