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Think about it


ITS that time of the year again

A mere day to remind me

To act as an awareness campaign

That I'm on the side of the singles


It's sickening to see

Love lingering in the air

Love-struck people smiling with glee

Clinging onto each other like there's no tomorrow.


But, oh well, it's Valentine's

I guess this can be justified

All the scrumptious meals at lavish restaurants

With custom-made menus to whet the appetite !


Roses are a must too

Putting smiles on the ladies' faces

Chocolates melting in their mouths

Complementing bears wrapped in lace


The gentlemen dig deep into their wallets

And save for this time of the year

When they put on a magnificent face

To impress the girl of their dreams


Isn't Valentine's just another passing day ?

For citizens of singledom, indeed

Com, it's not even a public holiday !




To Mum


A woman's handbag

Acid Rain


On the outside, looking in


Saying so much by saying so little




Love and Roses

Edge of the night

Our song

Think about it

Be my Valentine

Dedicated to F

Down flight



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