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  Putting on a mask Beauty in the eyes  
  Life's journey Glimmer of hope  
  Flower Power Scared little boy  
  Dreams of riches Writer's block  
  For my teacher


  Change Quest for answers  

Don't say goodbye

Talkback Radio  
  You're special, aren't you ? Xmas Cheer  
  Our violated earth

Ring Out, Wild Bells

  All because of you Happy New Year  
  Who is a mother? Life  
  Goodbye my dear friend Life will be simpler if ...  

Friends forever ... not

The Rainbow's End  
  Just a smile I call her ... Beautiful  
  All beauty The triangle  
  Winter frost Death of the senses  
  Friendship ... lost So close ... yet so far  
  Growing Distance Acclaimed and beloved  


Once upon a time ...  
  Broken The last kiss  
  Beauty unrivaled    
  A prayer for guidance    
  Vengeance of the hills    
  Defending dignity    
  The study of literature    


  I Remember, I Remember    
  The Robin    
  The Road Not Taken    
  Questions of the heart    
  The last day    
  Life goes on Poetry 1  
  Tables turned Poetry 2  
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