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A woman's handbag


Have you ever looked inside

A woman's handbag ?

Yes, she would be too embarrassed

to let you see.

Be it your Grandmother, Mother, Aunt,

your Sister, Girlfriend. Wife or Daughter !

Never ask for a peep into her handbag.


Its as if each pocket could tell a

long forgotten story

A used cinema ticket brings back

memories of how they held hands

at the movie and sat warm and close

The small notepad he presented

awkwardly at the college gate with

a small dose of poetry and prose.


Her sons' first uniform bill

that had filled her heart with pride

Her daughter's embroidered pink

handkerchief ...

Her own she would always hide

like a piece of treasure her mother gave to

wipe her tears when the wound on

her knee was being bandaged.


The rest of the bag is packed with

soap strips, lipstick, compact,

eyeliner, perfume, rubber bands and safety pins.

Oh dear, how could I've missed

the haphazard mess of jingling

coins, currency notes, lacto bonbons

and band aid strips ?


A woman's handbag is not just a bag,

it's storehouse of memories

and a first-aid kit

It arms her in every way

so that she never lets herself down

in any way


Her handbag has less money in

its folds

but is a treasure house of

love untold !


written language in its ordinary form rather than poetry




not having an obvious order or plan



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