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Acid Rain


Acid rain falls down in vain

T ... t ... tapping at the window pane

Calling my name

Torturing my brain

D ... d... d... driving me insane

To the rhythm of the tick tocking clock

Rested on my mantel, pictures block

Of bodies and who they used to be

Burning holes through my soul

Laughing sickening glee


Acid rain falls down in vain

T ... t... tapping at the window pane

Ain't it a shame

I am to blame

K ... k ... k ... killing them that way

To the rhythm of da shot gun banging

Hushed !

Rested on my mantel stained in blood

On bodies now that can no longer be

Burning holes through my soul

Laughing sickening glee


All the construction or facing around a fireplace.




making no sound or noise



To Mum


A woman's handbag

Acid Rain


On the outside, looking in


Saying so much by saying so little




Love and Roses

Edge of the night

Our song

Think about it

Be my Valentine

Dedicated to F

Down flight



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