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Down flight


You took off with my dream

All that's left now is a vacuum, a void


A space begging to be filled

A hole longing to be brimmed

But there's nothing left

Because I can only be second best

Now I won't get the chance to show you

how far I can go

You'll only see that I've fallen so low

You left me dying here

Amidst all the disappointment and tears

One last look, you're gone

Vanishing, leaving me torn

No you didn't say goodbye

What more say why

But I know this is a dream of many

And losing you shouldn't be such a


I'm sorry I can't help it

When you're all I've ever wanted

Now it's all a blur

And I ask myself a thousand times

why I'm still here

When all I've been fighting for is

snatched away

And now 'hope' is merely word from




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On the outside, looking in


Saying so much by saying so little




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Dedicated to F

Down flight



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