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Look on the sunny side of life

Be positive in life

Loose lips sink ships

People who talk too much may give away important secrets that could harm themselves or others

Love conquers all

Love motivates people to make things work

Love covers a multitude of sins

When you treat people with love, compassion, kindness, forebearing etc. you make up for a lot of your own faults because it is right to love people

Love makes the world go round

Love is the important thing in life that makes life meaningful

Love sees no faults

Real love does not take into account the flaws of a person

Love will find a way

Love motivates people to look for solutions to all problems

Man cannot live by bread alone

  It takes more than food to complete your life

Marry in haste, repent at leisure

  Do not rush into marriage because if you marry the wrong person, you will spend the rest of your life regretting it

Measure twice, cut once

  Consider your options carefully in order to make a good decision

( The ) meek shall inherit the earth

  The humble and the downtrodden but not the proud or the mighty will be rewarded with the best at the end of time

Mirrors do everything we do, but they cannot think for themselves

man-made devices have their limits, and cannot do everything humans can

Misery loves company

  unhappy people seem to like to make others unhappy too

Money cannot buy happiness

  You cannot buy joy, peace, contentment etc

Money isn't everything

  Riches cannot solve all your problems or bring you joy, peace, contentment etc.



Money makes the world go round

  People work hard and go through a lot of pain just to earn more money as if it is what keeps them going

Monkey see, monkey do

  People without minds of their own tend to blindly do and say what others do and say

More haste, less speed

  The more you hurry, the slower you seem to progress because hurrying causes you to make mistakes
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Nature, time and patience are three great physicians

  The goodness of nature, time and being patient can bring healing

Never do things in halves

  Always complete a job as perfectly as you can

Never fall out with your bread and butter

  Do not quarrel with the people who pay you your salary or with your customers

Never give advice unless asked

  Do not assume that people need your help or that you have all the answers to help them, it is better to wait until you are asked for help

Never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing

  Be discreet in all you do, do not tell others your deeds, especially your good deeds

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

  Do not delay doing tasks and assignments

Never say die

  Never give up

never say never

  Always leave room for change

Never speak ill of the dead

  Do not talk badly about the departed

( It is ) never too late to repent

  It is never too late to say you are sorry, and to change your ways

( One is ) never too old to learn

  There is no age limit to acquiring knowledge

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you

  Do not go looking for trouble

( A ) nimble sixpence is better than a slow shilling

  A capable person, even if he is slow or not well qualified, is more valuable than an inefficient person who may be highly qualified

No man can serve two masters

  You can only be faithful to one boss, leader etc

No man is an island

  Everyone needs the companionship of others

No man is content with his lot

  Most people seem to be dissatisfied with what they have, and want other things

No man is indispensable

  No man is so useful to others that people cannot do without him

No money, no justice

  In a corrupt legal system, you can bribe lawyers and judges to win a case for you

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