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A loaded wagon makes no noise

People who are very rich do not feel the need to speak about their wealthy as they do not feel threatened in any way

A man is known by the company he keeps

You can tell about a person by observing who he spends time with

A man is ruled by his passions

Your character, personality, attitude etc can be overtaken by your emotions if they are strong enough

A man's home is his castle

You feel most secure, free and in control in your own home

A pot of milk is ruined by a drop of poison

Something bad no matter how small can ruin all your plans, successes etc.

A small leak will sink a great ship

Small problems are worth the time to fix as they can eventually cause great damage

A wise man changes his mind sometimes, a fool never

It is wise to reconsider your plans, ideas, actions in the light of new information rather than to blindly stick to an earlier decision

A word spoken is past recalling

  What has been said cannot be taken back, so think before you speak

A word to the wise is enough

  You need not be long-winded when speaking to intelligent people or those who understand you well

Advice most needed is least heeded

  People tend to ignore or overlook the help or advice they nee the most

After a storm, comes a calm

  Every problem eventually comes to an end, so cheer up

All for one and one for all

People who are committed to working together for a positive outcome

All good things come to an end

  Every event, no matter how enjoyable, must end at some point

All the world loves a lover

  Everyone loves to see people in love

All things come to him who waits

  You will get what you want if you are willing to wait for it patiently



All's fair in love and war

  Where powerful emotions are concerned, there can be no firm rules of behavior

All's well that ends well

  A happy ending to a difficult situation can help you forget or disregard the earlier trouble
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An army marches on its stomach

  You need to eat for energy to complete your tasks

An empty bag will not stand upright

  Quality comes with effort

Appearances are deceptive

  What looks good may not really be so

April showers bring May flowers

  Unpleasant events can sometimes lead to better things

As soon as a man is born, he begins to die

  Death is the destiny of every man

Ask no questions and hear no lies

  Do not force a person into telling you a lie by forcing him to talk about something he does not want to talk about

Avoid evil and it will avoid thee

  Stay out of trouble, and trouble will not follow you

Bad news travels fast

  People seem to hear bad news very fast

Bad is never good until worse happens

  A bad situation you have been complaining about will suddenly seem a blessing when something worse happens

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it

  What you wish for may not really be what is good for you

Beauty is only skin-deep

  Looks are not the most important thing about a person

Behind every successful man is a woman

  A man's strongest and most loyal supporters are usually his mother and/or his wife

Better a mouse in the pot than no meat at all

  To have something, no matter how little or poor in quality, is better than to have nothing at all

Do as I saw, and not as I do

  Do something as you have seen it done although it may be different from your own way of doing it

Doctors make the worst patients

  It is difficult advising people on matters they are supposed to be experts on because they believe they know better

Don't go near the water until you learn how to swim

  Do not try to do something before you have learnt how to do it or before you are ready for it

Don't mend what isn't broken

  Do not change things that are working fine as they are

Don't shut the barn door after the horse is gone

  prepare for emergencies and eventualities before they happen

Don't teach your grandmother how to suck eggs

  Do not be presumptuous and teach an experienced person how things should be done

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