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Words differentiation


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principal  - chief, main; a head of college or organization; a sum of money


My principal aim is to become a lawyer.



After teaching for twenty years he became the principal of a private college.
* If you leave a principal of $50,000 on fixed deposit you will earn a good interest every month.
principle - a basic truth, a law of nature; a rule of behavior
* He based his life on a few simple principles.
* The underlying principle of his management style is compassion.
*   This machine works on the same principle as the motor car engine.
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eligible, illegible

eminent, imminent

ensure, assure

formally, formerly

hanged, hung

historic, historical

homework, housework

human, humane

lie, lay

lose, loose

mature, matured

misused, disused


moral, morale

persecuted, prosecuted

personal, personnel

precede, proceed

price, prize

principal, principle

rational, rationale

respectably, respectively

stationary, stationery

weather, whether


Words differentiation 1

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