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Words  differentiation

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  able, capable bored, boring  
  another, the other compliment, complement  
  anyway, any way elder, older  
  asleep, sleeping enquiry, inquiry  
  at ease, with ease few, a few  
  into, in to little, a little  
  believe, believe in rise, raise  
  by all means, by no means on time, in time  
  by name, in name at the end, in the end  
  close, near adapt, adopt  
  decided, decisive alternate, alternative  
  disability, inability award, reward  
  discover, invent born, borne  
  distinct, distinctive bring, take  
  English, The English censor, censure  
  in favor of, in favor with certainly, surely  
  wood, woods site, sight  
  all together, altogether cloth, clothes  
  everyday, every day character, characteristic  
  percentage, per cent conscience, conscious  
  indoor, indoors continual, continuous  
  accept, except council, counsel  
  across, cross discrete, discreet  
  affect, effect dissatisfied, unsatisfied  
  already, all ready disinterested, uninterested  
  because, because of economic, economical  
  beside, besides elicit, illicit  
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