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Words differentiation


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The other

another  -  another thing or person means an additional thing or person of the same type as one that already exists.
The other  the other thing or person means the only remaining thing or person except the existing one.


Have another piece of cake.


Please fetch another cup for me.


That's quite another matter.
*   Both my uncles are abroad, one in Paris and the other in New York.
* One of them is yours; the other is mine.
When we are given two options, we say one or the other.
When we are given more than two options, we say one or another.
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eligible, illegible

eminent, imminent

ensure, assure

formally, formerly

hanged, hung

historic, historical

homework, housework

human, humane

lie, lay

lose, loose

mature, matured

misused, disused


moral, morale

persecuted, prosecuted

personal, personnel

precede, proceed

price, prize

principal, principle

rational, rationale

respectably, respectively

stationary, stationery

weather, whether


Words differentiation 1

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