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  The convicted murderer was sent to ______ for life.
    (A) pulpit  
(B) asylum
    (C) prison  
    (D) pantry  
2.   The bear hibernates in its ______ in winter.
    (A) hole  
(B) den
    (C) camp  
    (D) hive  
3.   The shepherd dog is driving the sheep into the ______.
    (A) lair  
(B) den
    (C) pen  
    (D) dugout  
4.   Nowadays few Eskimos live in ______, which are made of ice blocks.
    (A) tents  
(B) igloos
    (C) tepees  
    (D) wigwams  
5.   The villagers attend Sunday service in that ______.
    (A) emporium  
(B) brewery
    (C) dispensary  
    (D) chapel  
6.   The dark ______ used to be a place to lock up prisoners in the old days.
    (A) dump  
    (B) dungeon
    (C) hangar  
    (D) cache  
7.   There are more than a hundred birds in the ______.
    (A) dairy  
    (B) aviary
    (C) greenhouse  
    (D) granary  
8.   The ______ is a fun place for young children to meet other children.
    (A) nursery  
    (B) nunnery  
    (C) laundry  
    (D) orphanage  
9.   There is a wide variety of colorfully decorated ______ at the open-air-night market.
    (A) stores  
    (B) courts  
    (C) shops  
    (D) stalls  
10.   A large crowd was waiting on the ______ to watch the valuable sculptures being unloaded from the boat.
    (A) port  
    (B) quay  
    (C) observatory  
    (D) beach  
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