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  He keeps his pet fish in a big ______ in his home.
    (A) archive  
(B) aquarium
    (C) abattoir  
    (D) aviary  
2.   The airplane was taken to the ______ for repairs.
    (A) hanger  
(B) hangar
    (C) garage  
    (D) gallery  
3.   The ______, one level below ground floor, is where you can find all the food stalls.
    (A) penthouse  
(B) rooftop
    (C) basement  
    (D) balcony  
4.   There are a lot of cows on the ______ farm.
    (A) diary  
(B) dairy
    (C) daily  
    (D) aviary  
5.   There were five double-decker bunk beds in each ______.
    (A) gymnasium  
(B) auditorium
    (C) museum  
    (D) dormitory  
6.   There is a ______ up in that tree and you may be stung by bees if you get too close.
    (A) nest  
    (B) coop
    (C) sty  
    (D) hive  
7.   The ______ is rather smelly but the pigs do not seem to mind at all.
    (A) lair  
    (B) sty
    (C) stable  
    (D) den  
8.   The nuns in the ______ are planning to build a school next to it.
    (A) convent  
    (B) barracks  
    (C) igloo  
    (D) quay  
9.   They are shooting a movie in the film ______. The red light outside the door is on.
    (A) studio  
    (B) stadium  
    (C) stable  
    (D) sty  
10.   If we have time, we may go to a ______ in Florida for the weekend.
    (A) ward  
    (B) resort  
    (C) sanatorium  
    (D) godown  
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