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Natural  phenomenon


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What lies beneath !

You would possibly never have guessed just by looking at it but the Earth actually consists of four layers. The layer we are all familiar with the topmost layer called the crust. The Earth's crust is the dirt we dig in to plant trees and flowers. Mountains and ocean floors also form part of it. It is more than 32 kilometers thick in some places.

The Earth's crust floats on top of the mantle. The mantle is the Earth's midsection. It comprises rocks and metals that are so hot they melt! The temperature inside the mantle is about 1,200 degrees Celsius. The molten rocks become lighter and rise up to wards the crust. Wherever there are cracks in the crust or weak spots, the molten rocks ( now called magma ) escapes to the surface. What do you get ? Lots and lots of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions !

Deeper down is the Outer Core. The Outer Core is a 2,240km layer of melted iron and nickel. Here, the heat traveling through the Outer Core ( caused partly by the Earth's rotation )  creates the Earth's magnetic field. The magnetic field makes sure everything on the Earth's surface does not float away into space. That's gravity ! Right in the centre of the Earth is a solid ball of iron and nickel called the Inner Core. The temperature of the Inner Core is almost as hot as the sun ! Though it's hot enough to melt iron, the tremendous pressure caused by the weight of all the layers compacts the center into the solid ball.


crust   The earth's crust is its outer layer.
mantle   A mantle of something is a layer of it covering a surface
nickel   Nickel is a silver-colored metal that is used in making steel
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What lies beneath

Angry mountains of fire

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