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Natural  phenomenon


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Angry mountains of fire !

There are hot spots in the Earth's crust where heat melts underground rock. As the rock melts, gases are released and mix with molten rock called magma. The magma bubbles and rises, cutting through the rock, creating a channel. It then accumulates in a magma chamber deep underground.

Over time, high pressure caused by both the magma and gases build up in the chamber, forcing the magma to rise and causing the volcano to form as  a mountain. Then it violently explodes out the top -- and even the sides of the volcano! Fiery rocks and ash rain down from out of the sky after an eruption. But sometimes, lava, which is what the magma is called after it comes out of the volcano, quietly oozes out of one or several holes ( called vents ) with no explosion at all.


magna   hot liquid rock found just below the surface of the Earth
ooze   when a thick or sticky liquid oozes from something or when something oozes it, the liquid flows slowly and in small quantities.
vent   a vent is a hole in something through which air can come in and smoke, gas, or smells can go out.
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What lies beneath

Angry mountains of fire

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