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Read the text in ach of the following situations and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined.

Selvam woke up bright and early last Saturday. He was in seventh heaven ! First of all, he had just got his O level results. As everyone had expected, he had passed with flying colors. Then came the surprise ! In the garden was a brand new car ! It was a gift from his father. Bursting with pride, Mr Krishnan gazed at the apple of his eye and said, 'Happy birthday, son, and congratulations on your excellent results ! Your mother and I are so proud of you !'

1. in seventh heaven
  A utterly discontented

extremely happy

  C amazingly dreamy
    D very imaginative  
2. had passed with flying colors
  A had excelled in Art
    B had mediocre grades  
  C had just scraped through

had done very well

3. the apple of his eye
  A his beloved wife
  B his family members

his favorite child

  D his many possessions

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