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  I recommended that the student ______ his composition as soon as possible.
    (A) finishes writing  
(B) should finish the writing

finish writing

    (D) finished writing  
2.   If you ask nicely, Mother will probably ______ a piece of cake.
    (A) let you to have  
(B) allow you have
    (C) allow that you have  

let you have

3.   Although he doesn't like most sports, he _______ .

enjoys swimming and golfing

(B) is a swimmer and golfs
    (C) likes swimming and he golfs  
    (D) likes to swim and a golfer  
4.   Susan and I can go to the lecture, ______ .
    (A) but neither can Charles  
(B) and so Charles can

but Charles can't

    (D) and Charles also can  
5.   _______ was due to a poor water supply.
    (A) The epidemic's starting  

The outbreak of the epidemic

    (C) How the epidemic got started  
    (D) That the epidemic it began  
6.   If you check the map, you'll notice _______ to the north of Oakdale.
    (A) that Camden placed  

that Camden lies

    (C) Camden laying  
    (D) Camden there is  
7.   He seized control of the government __________ .
    (A) by diplomacy and being forceful  

by using diplomacy and force

    (C) not only because of diplomacy but force  
    (D) by being a diplomat and forceful  
8.   I would have gone to the meeting if I _____ time.

had had

    (B) have had  
    (C) had  
    (D) would have had  
9.   I'm really _____ to Seattle for the weekend.
    (A) hoping go  
    (B) wish to go  

looking forward to going

    (D) anticipating to going  
10.   Robespierre, the French politician, __________ .
    (A) had great faith in Rousseau, the philosopher, and he was a clever lawyer from Arras  
    (B) came from Arras, having great faith in the philosopher Rousseau who was a clever lawyer  
    (C) not only was a clever lawyer coming from Arras, but he had great faith in the philosopher Rousseau  

was a clever lawyer from Arras who had great faith in the philosopher Rousseau


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Answers     1C    2D    3A    4C    5B    6B    7B    8A    9C   10D  

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