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  Kay left ______ money for her daughter in the bank, but not much.
    (A) much  
(B) more
    (C) few  
    (D) some  
2.   Pass me ______ book please; this one is boring.
    (A) some  
(B) any
    (C) more  
    (D) another  
3.   Although ______ member of the team was told the time for practice, ______ of them came on time.
    (A) all ... all  
(B) all ... some
    (C) each ... all  
    (D) each ... none  
4.   It took ______ hours of surgery to save the accident victim.
    (A) much  
(B) a little
    (C) plenty  
    (D) several  
5.   The goodie bags were given to ______ who attended the parade; everyone was happy to get them.
    (A) most  
(B) none
    (C) all  
    (D) more  
6.   Girls tend to make ______ careless mistakes as they are more careful.
    (A) more  
    (B) no
    (C) little  
    (D) fewer  
7.   Make sure you have brought ______ warm clothing for the camping trip.
    (A) enough  
    (B) plenty
    (C) more  
    (D) any  
8.   We were told that ______ of us failed the test; we jumped for joy.
    (A) none  
    (B) all  
    (C) many  
    (D) few  

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