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  The door is always ______ so that anyone can walk in anytime.
    (A) bare  
(B) vacant
    (C) open  
    (D) plain  
2.   All the teachers are ______ about Patty's poor results in the trial examination.
    (A) bothered  
(B) concerned
    (C) troubled  
    (D) interested  
3.   Grandfather tells us such ______ stories that we often sleep very late, listening to them.
    (A) dismal  
(B) interesting
    (C) flat  
    (D) ordinary  
4.   The jury deliberated the matter ______ for more than seven hours before returning a verdict of "Not Guilty".
    (A) thoroughly  
(B) efficiently
    (C) completely  
    (D) totally  
5.   This little town is ______ for its friendly people and their hospitality.
    (A) notorious  
(B) celebrated
    (C) famous  
    (D) illustrious  
6.   Sperling is certainly not as ______ as he was years ago.
    (A) occupied  
(B) engaged
    (C) active  
    (D) animated  
7.   At the party there were ______ people whom I had not met before.
    (A) alien  
(B) novel
    (C) different  
    (D) unfamiliar  
8.   You have to drive carefully here. The road is ______ at the junction.
    (A) slippery  
    (B) tricky  
    (C) unstable  
    (D) unreliable  

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Answers     1C    2B    3B    4A   5C    6C    7D    8A  

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