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  How ______ you have left the bathroom in such a mess ?
    (A) couldn't  
(B) might


    (D) will  
2.   Mat ______ be lazy but he is certainly not stupid.
    (A) needn't  
(B) mustn't
    (C) should  


3.   I ______ speak Swedish, Dutch and Japanese.


(B) may
    (C) should  
    (D) shouldn't  
4.   I think we are lost. The man ______ have given us the wrong directions


(B) should
    (C) would  
    (D) will  
5.   You ______ be serious about swimming outdoors in winter.
    (A) would  


    (C) could  
    (D) might  
6.   Plants ______ have sunlight in order to make food.
    (A) can  
(B) may


    (D) will  
7.   Since our bags are identical you ______ have taken mine by mistake.
    (A) can  
(B) will
    (C) shall  


8.   Parents ______ take care of their children.
    (A) may  

ought to

    (C) mustn't  
    (D) shouldn't  
9.   ______ you excuse me for a moment ?


    (B) Should  
    (C) Must  
    (D) Needn't  
10.   She ______ stay up late if she takes a nap now.
    (A) mustn't  
    (B) shouldn't  


    (D) used to  
11.   It's late. It's time ______ home.
    (A) we go  
    (B) we must go  
    (C) we should go  

we went


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