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Imagining something vividly enough and with your heart and soul will bring your senses and emotions into play, your deep mind doesn't know the difference between that imagined event and an actual one. That's why mental sports training works. Your unconscious totes up your imagined stance, your reflexes, your swing, the bat solidly hitting the ball, the rush of your game-winning home run, and adds it to your bank of experience. Imaginative rehearsal works for any kind of performance, making the speech of your career or finally losing crippling exam anxiety.



Imagining you're someone else - taking on her behavior - is a shortcut to expertise.



Everything that's ever happened to you lives in you somewhere. The trick is to retrieve what you've perceived. One way to tempt memory into consciousness is to feed it data in a specific, rhythmic, musical way, another is to build bridges to your subliminal mind.



When you recall a powerful memory, the whole state you were in will begin to resonate in you. It's like plucking a guitar string in a quiet room - the same string on another guitar comes alive, vibrates, resonates. This is called state dependent memory, learning, and behavior and it explains why the Joy of Learning exercise can be so potent, resonating a mindbody chord of success. It explains, too, why negative memories can so massively short-circuit ability. 




Potential is a state of mind. Feeling competent, totally adequate, empowered -- these are life-giving, change-bringing states. Whenever you feel inadequate, unworthy, not in control of your life, you're in a minus state, one that drains away your best shots at realizing innate abilities.




Of all the Superlearning techniques, the real key is being in the right state to learn.




Human memory is virtually limitless. Slow Baroque music proved one potent way to lift the conscious mind and expand its access to its natural supermemory.  




Art as process helps connect the links and move people from naive to mature understanding. Don't be a dry-stick learner, open up and get the feel of things. Imagine you're an artist.




Mind mapping is an ideal way to bring your aspirations and goals into vivid focus. Maps furnish a bird's-eye view that can reveal new connections, prompt new ideas. They give an extra edge when you need to recall your data. A map lights up in the mind more quickly than a list. Because it's a picture. Anything you can visualize, you will learn faster and remember longer


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