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  The Frog in the Well    
  Ivory Chopsticks    
  A Recipe for Immortality    
  Why Tseng Shen killed the Pig    
  The Conceited Coachman    
  The difference between Fifty yards and a Hundred    
  The Fox who profited from the Tiger's might    
  Buying a good horse    

Marking the boat to locate the Sword

  The owl moves house    
  The ointment for chapped hands    
  Three chestnuts or four    
  Presenting Doves    
  Too many paths    
  The cicada, the praying mantis and the sparrow    
  The Wrong Direction    
  The Buddhist Priest of Chang-Ching    
  Chang's transformation (1)    
  Chang's transformation (2)    
  The country of the cannibals (1)    
  The country of the cannibals (2)    
  DR. Tseng's Dream (1)    
  DR. Tseng's Dream (2)    
  The faithless widow    
  Feng shui    

The fighting quails (1)

  The fighting quails (2)    
  The fighting quails (3)    
    Stories 1  
    Stories 2  
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