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  My mother does not like me to go out with him because he is as wily as a ______.
    (A) wolf  
(B) wizard
    (C) fox  
    (D) lily  
2.   The child was as hungry as a ______. He ate up a full bowl of rice in minutes.
    (A) dog  
(B) wolf
    (C) fox  
    (D) pig  
3.   This bus is as slow as a ______. We may not be able to reach there on time.
    (A) bear  
(B) clock
    (C) tortoise  
    (D) snake  
4.   She likes spoiling people's fun. She is really a ______.
    (A) couch potato  
(B) wet blanket
    (C) hard nut  
    (D) hard bargain  
5.   She exercises regularly and keeps herself as fit as a ______.
    (A) flower  
(B) fiddle
    (C) fish  
    (D) falcon  
6.   I find him extremely annoying; he is getting under my ______.
    (A) brain  
    (B) arms
    (C) back  
    (D) skin  
7.   Her heart ______ when she learnt that she had not been given the job.
    (A) jerked  
    (B) sank
    (C) jumped  
    (D) shattered  
8.   The boxer was fighting like a ______ and overpowered his opponent.
    (A) tiger  
    (B) gorilla  
    (C) snake  
    (D) wolf  
9.   His punches were as ______ as lightning and caught his opponent by surprise.
    (A) sharp  
    (B) dazzling  
    (C) brilliant  
    (D) quick  
10.   This is a ______ scheme. No way am I going to be part of it.
    (A) lily-livered  
    (B) blood red  
    (C) hare-brained  
    (D) greenhorn  

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