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Better be safe than sorry

It is wise to take precautions rather than be upset that you did not prepare for an eventuality after something has happened

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know

the problems you are facing at present may not be as bad as those in the place you are planning to move to

Better to be alone than in bad company

It is better to be by yourself than to be with people who are a bad influence

Better to die with honor than live with shame

It is more honorable to do the right thing even if you will be punished or have to die for it than to live as a coward or a liar

Bitter pills may have blessed effects

Something may be unpleasant or painful, but it can help you in the long run

Books and friends should be few but good

You do not need to have too many friends or read too many books in order to live a balanced, fulfilled and complete life as long as the friends and books you do have are full of substance

Boys will be boys

Often applied to men who act childishly

Brain is better than brawn

  Intelligence is more valuable than physical strength

Bread always falls buttered-side down

  Of two possibilities, it often seems that the more negative one will occur

Brevity is the soul of wit

  When you want to sound clever, it is better to be brief rather than long-winded

Business before pleasure

  It is better to finish your work before you have a good time

By timely mending save much spending

Fix a problem as soon as you discover it to save money, expense, worry, etc having to deal with it later when it has become a bigger problem

Chance favors the prepared mind

  You should always be prepared to act so that when opportunities present themselves, you are ready to seize them

Cheapest is dearest

  Some items may save you money because they are cheap, but their quality may be poor, and this may cost you a lot of money in repairs and getting replacements later

Clothes make the man

  The way you dress tells people something about you, and can influence their opinion of you



Comparisons are odious

  It is bad to compare people to one another

Confessed faults are half-mended

  When you own up to a fault, mistake or wrongdoing, you are halfway to changing into a better person

Courtesy costs nothing

  Politeness should be a way of life for everyone

Cowards die many deaths

  A coward is afraid of everything, and therefore, faces every problem or challenge with great fear
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Crime does not pay

  However much you may earn or make as a criminal, a life of crime does not pay because the law will catch up with you eventually

Curses are like chickens, they come home to roost

  Curses you place on others may find their fulfilment in you, so it is best not to curse anyone

Danger and delight grow on the same stalk

  Some pleasures will lead you to danger

Death is the great leveler

  Death, which comes to everyone without discrimination, makes everyone equal

Deeds are fruits, words are but leaves

  Taking action is far better than just talking about problems or negative situations

Desperate times call for desperate measures

  Sometimes, a situation is so urgent or unexpected that you have to resort to doing things you normally would not

Different strokes for different talks

  You need different plans or strategies in managing different people as people are different in personality and temperament

Diligence is the mother of good fortune

  Working hard will bring you riches and success

Distance lends enchantment to the view

  When you are free of a problem or far away from troublesome people, you begin to feel that things were not so bad after all

Divide and rule

  A method of ruling or managing people where you separate them into different groups to make sure they do not join forces against you

East or West, home is best

  You feel safest, most comfortable and most at peace in your own home

Even a broken/stopped clock is right twice a day

  No one is ever wrong all the time

Even a dog can distinguish between being stumbled over and being kicked

  Do not let people bully you, but be alert to when you are being taken advantage of

Every ass loves to hear himself bray

  Conceited people love to boast about their achievements

Every bird loves to listen to himself sing

  People who know they are good at something tend to boast about their ability

Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard

  Every family has their secrets

Every man has his faults

  No one is perfect

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