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Saying so much by saying so little


YOU sigh

Sighing like the whole world

Has given up

But you know what's in your heart

Everything that you dream of

Shall not just slip away to waste


You laugh

Laughing like the whole world has had


But you are what you adore

Everything, so much more

Shall move the hardest hearts to tears


You run

Running like the whole world has left you out

And you can see just how far

We've reached a point and our

Hearts can bear no more

You weep

Weeping like the world has started to reek

There are some things you can't ignore

What you want is not sure

So what's all this for ?


You wish,

Wishing that the whole world

Can have some peace

You need a nap

You're tired

You're getting lost in fights

So, lean on me, it's fine


to have a strong unpleasant smell

lean on sb  

to use someone or something to help you, especially in a difficult situation



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On the outside, looking in


Saying so much by saying so little




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Dedicated to F

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