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I could see the nimble swallows glide

Reaching pretty clouds that swirl and slide

When they are tired and weary

In my secret backyard they go to hide


I could touch the whisper of the grass

When the wind breathes

The sombre murmur of the woods, the bending of trees

The sound of leaves in the swaying breeze


I could feel the rhythm grow

The music that pours in the driving storm

Thinking heartfelt deeds that make one glow

And lovely thoughts that keep one warm


I could hear the lazing dull frogs sing

A sad funny lullaby in between

The angry bang of thunder once lightning moves

The trashing noise of rain on roofs


I could reach far from where I've been

Further than the winding steady road that goes

But I would rather leave my heart at home

When the dear rain falls.


quick and exact either in movement or thoughts

winding   Repeatedly curving in alternate directions


To Mum


A woman's handbag

Acid Rain


On the outside, looking in


Saying so much by saying so little




Love and Roses

Edge of the night

Our song

Think about it

Be my Valentine

Dedicated to F

Down flight



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