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To Mum


We don't speak anymore,

Too bad our hearts have torn,

I couldn't look into your eyes anymore,

Too tired, our souls have been,


Between spaces, you and me,

My life you gave, so dearly,

My everything for you, very clearly.


Between words me and you,

Transcending speeches, timeless too,

Existing in us, between us two,

I know for sure, a love so true.


To Him I pray, night by night,

All that I did, will you say right,

To Him I ask, mine you forgive,

Every single wrong, this long I've lived.


If thoughts of mine,

Reach yours this night,

Forever bear in mind,

Love you always,

All these times.

transcend   to go beyond
bear in mind   remember, keep in mind


To Mum


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