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    Fill in the blanks with phrases from the box Each phrase can be used only once.
adds up to   hung up on   snap out of
get on with   went up against   keep out of
wake up in   check in on   cut down on
coming out on        
1.   "Your father and your uncle are in a heated debate about the ownership of the house. You best ______ it," said Betty to her son.
2.   We need to ______ our expenses as the prices of goods are going up.
3.   "Now that everyone is finally here, let's ______ it," said the impatient manager.
4.   Samson was surprised to ______ his room. The last thing he remembers is passing out on the street.
5.   It was just their luck that in their first dance off, they are ______ last year's champions.
6.   "That rude receptionist ______ me while I was in mid-sentence," said an agitated Mrs. Stephen
7.   "Everything ______ $130.24. We take credit cards as well, sir," said the waiter to Mr. Mason.
8.   "Eddie Larson, are you daydreaming in my class again ? Well, ______ it !" warned Mrs. Virginia.
9.   "I will ______ you tomorrow morning to see if you are ready to be discharged," said the friendly doctor to Cyndia.
10.   "My results are ______ Friday. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time," said Kessler.

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1.   keep out of
2.   cut down on
3.   get on with
4.   wake up in
5.   went up against
6.   hung up on
7.   adds up to
8.   snap out of
9.   check in on
10.   coming out on

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