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Lust, Caution

Lust Caution

MOVIEGOERS in director Mg Lee's native Taiwan gave a thumbs-up to his prize-winning Lust, Caution, appearing unfazed by the controversy surrounding it or the steamy sex scenes.

The film, the surprise winner of this year's Golden Lion award at the Venice film festival, played to full houses on its Monday night premiere at several Taipei cinemas, which have given it an adult rating and are showing it uncut.

Lust, Caution, a spy thriller set in World War II Shanghai, received generally negative reviews at Venice and was panned by critics who said it was long and tedious.

"Awesome," one Taiwanese viewer described the 156-minute movie, which is punctuated by explicit and sometimes violent sex.

'There was a little bit too much sex in a few points, but overall it was okay," said another movie goer, Shen Yun-hsi. "I'm still thinking about it. A lot happened."

The film will open in China this week but only after Lee himself excised a lot of the on-screen sex and other scenes Beijing deemed inappropriate.

Lee, back home after a global tour, was especially nervous about the premiere of his film in Taiwan, due to the graphic sex, his brother told local media.

But the audience at one Taipei cinema, mostly in their 20s and 30s, gasped louder at a scene featuring a large diamond than at any of the sex scenes.

"I feel good when 1 come back to Taiwan. When I make a Chinese movie, I can examine my growth and have a new start again," Lee said during a media briefing on Tuesday.

"Every time when I come back, I review the past and it gives me the feeling that I will have a brand new start and keep going forward," he added.

unfazed   not surprised or worried
gasp   to take a short quick breath through the mouth, especially because of surprise, pain or shock
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