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The life of David Gale

The life of David Gale

THE Life Of David Gale, produced in 2003, tells us that upholding a principle -- no matter how hard it may seem -- is the cornerstone of human faith and integrity. The story is about David Gale who wears many hats.

He is head of the philosophy department at Austin University, an active member of the anti-capital punishment activist group Death- watch, and also a respectable author.

But this is as good as it gets for David and it's downhill thereafter.

First, he is seduced by a plastered student and is later accused of raping her.

Though the charges don't stick, the stigma does, and he loses his job.

And when one of his best friends, Constance Harraway, is found raped and murdered, David again takes the rap for it, and now sits on death row.

Coming to his rescue is gutsy journalist Bitsey Bloom, who might have stumbled upon the evidence to prove his innocence.

But she has only days to prove it before his scheduled execution. Starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet and Laura Linney.

downhill   toward a lower and worse condition
plastered   extremely drunk
take the rap   Be punished or blamed for something
gutsy   having courage
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