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The reality of Love

A ROMANTIC comedy is given a "reality show twist in The Reality of Love.

The story goes that Ryan Banks, a star, has his bad boy ways steering his career off-course.

Enter his best friend and agent Todd Doherty, who comes up with a scheme to boost Ryan's career: a TV reality show that lets America choose his bride.

Ryan gives a flawless performance as a man in love with beautiful down-to-earth bookstore owner Charlie Morton.

Needless to say, Ryan's popularity soars and the show is a hit.

But there's an unexpected development -- Todd falls in love with Ryan's Ms Right.

Can real love survive a reality show ? Or more importantly, will the American public stand for it ?

Starring Jason Priestley, Bradley Cooper and Emma Caulfield.

off-course   disoriented, astray
scheme   a plan for obtaining an advantage for yourself, especially by deceiving others
down-to-earth   practical and sensible
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