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Money  Talks

Money Talks

THE 1997 Money talks delivers lots of action and plenty of laughs.

It's about wiry car wash attendant and part-time ticket scalper Franklin Hatchett who is propelled from obscurity to celebrity overnight when he is falsely accused of planning a deadly prison breakout.

Now everyone wants him -- dead or alive -- and the only one who can save him is a hard-nosed TV crime reporter James Russell in search of the ultimate story to boost his sagging career.

Together, they're caught in the hilarious crossfire between cops, crooks and commandos attempting to retrieve a fortune in diamonds. Starring Chris Tucker, Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear.

wiry   (of people and animals) thin but strong, and often able to bend easily
scalper   To engage in the reselling of something, such as tickets, at a price higher than the established value.
sagging   drop down to a lower level
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