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The  Ring

BEFORE you die, you see the ring ! Catch Hollywood's version of The Ring, one of Japan's biggest box office hits ever.

Rachel Keller is a young journalist who's divorced from her husband Noah. They have a son, Aidan. Her niece was recently found dead with a look of pure shock on her face as if something scared her to death.

She learns that her niece's three friends died at the same time too, their deaths linked to a disturbing videotape that is said to kill anyone watching it seven days later.

Rachel comes into possession of that same tape and realizes that her life is in danger after viewing it. She and Noah discover that the tape has to do with a tragedy-stricken horse ranch and a very strange little girl named Samara.

Directed by Gore Verbinski, this horror movie stars Naomi Watts, David Dorfman, Martine Henderson and Daveigh Chase.

box office   the popularity and financial success of a film or actor
disturbing   Troubling to the mind or emotions
possession   anything owned or possessed
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