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Child : Are we here yet ?

John : No.

Child : Now ?

John : We got a couple hours to go.

Child : Now ?

John : Soak it up.

Child : Now? Are we here yet?

John : Must be near it.

Child : Are we getting hot or cold? Why are we turning into here ?

Jennifer : We're living here.

John : I want a moment of silence just to take this in. Okay ? Before the pandemonium. Look at this. Here we go.

Jennifer : Come on. We're here.

John : Marley! Marley, no! Marley! Marley! Marley! Oh, nice. And we're home.

Andy : Hey, Andy Rooney, if you're knocking off soon, I'll walk with you to the train.

John : Okay, I'm ready. Put an exclamation point here. Mark Twain said not to use exclamation points 'cause it's like laughing at your own joke...but sometimes you gotta laugh at your own joke 'cause it's funny.

Child : It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here! Come on. Come on ! Come on. Look it !

John : Remember, angels can fly, so you gotta get the wings up high. Yeah. Now that one's coming.

Jennifer : Lunch is ready !

John : Okay! Heading in. Let's go. Take that! Marley! Come on, guys. Marley, come on. Marley.

Jennifer : You know what, honey ? Let him be. He's happy.

John : Thank you.

John : What are you doing in here? You’re going for the bunk bed tonight ? Pretty good day. I mean, the snow. Come on. All right. Sleep tight.

John : Too much color ?

Boss : Yeah. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's a good piece, but you're reporting now, John. I want you to tell the story. I don't want you to be in the story.

John : I'm pretty sure I don't mention myself in there

Boss : The point is...I still feel you in there. And all I'm saying is less you and more facts.

John : Got it.

Boss : Door's always open.

John : Thanks.

Child : Hut !

John : Uh-oh. Here comes the old pro. He shows up for the fourth quarter. Yeah. Oh, yes! He catches it. He fends off one guy. He's running through. He's shaking tackles left and right.


1) take sth in - to watch

2) knock off - to stop working

3) bunk bed -  beds built one above the other

4) fend off - to push or send away an attacker or other unwanted person


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