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Danielle : Why can't we have a normal soup?

Bree : Danielle, there is nothing abnormal about basil puree.

Danielle : Just once, can we have a soup that people all heard of, like French onion, or navy bean.

Bree : First of all, your father can't eat onions. He's deathly allergic. And I won't even dignify your navy bean suggestion. So, how's the osso buco?

Andrew : It's okay.

Bree : It's okay? Andrew, I spent three hours cooking this meal. How do you think it makes me feel when you say it's okay in that sullen tone?

Andrew : Who asked you to spend three hours on dinner? 

Bree : Excuse me?

Andrew : Tim Harper's mom gets home from work, pops open a can of pork and beans, and boom, they're eating. Everyone's happy.

Bree : You'd rather I serve pork and beans?

Danielle : Apologize now, I am begging you.

Andrew : I'm saying, do you always have to serve cuisine? Can't we ever just have food?

Bree : Are you doing drugs?

Andrew : What?

Bree : Change in behavior is one of the warning signs and you have been as fresh as paint for the last six months. That would explain why you're always locked in the bathroom.

Danielle : Trust me, that is not what he is doing.

Andrew : Shut up. Mom, I'm not the one with the problem here, right? You're the one who is acting like she's running for mayor of Stepford.

Bree : Rex. Seeing that you're the head of this household, I would really appreciate you saying something.

Rex : Pass the salt.

Mary Alice Young : Three days after my funeral, Lynette replaced her grief with a much more useful emotion. Indignation.

Lynette : Tom, this is my fifth message and you still haven't called me back. Well, you must be having a lot of fun on your business trip. I can only imagine. Well, guess what, the kids and I want to have some fun, too, so unless you call me back by noon, we are getting on a plane and joining you.

Boy : Mum.

Lynette : Not now, honey, Mommy's threatening Daddy. No. Where are you brothers?

Natalie Kline : Lynette Scavo!

Lynette : Crap! Hi, don't believe it!

Natalie Kline : Lynette! How long has it been?

Lynette : Years! How are you? How's the firm?

Natalie Kline : Good. Everyone misses you. We all say that if you hadn't quit, you'd be running the place by now. So, how's domestic life? Don't you just love being a mom?

Mary Alice Young : And there it was. The question that Lynette always dreaded.

Lynette : Well, to be honest...

Mary Alice Young : For those who asked it, only one answer was acceptable. So Lynette responded as she always did. She lied.

Lynette : It's the best job I've ever had. 



1. osso buco ( An Italian dish consisting of braised veal shanks in white wine )

2. sullen ( angry and unwilling to smile or be pleasant to people )

3. Indignation ( Anger aroused by something unjust, mean, or unworthy )


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