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Dear Titanium Member

We thank you for choosing Titanium, You're now one of the distinguished few who own the freedom to take control of the best in life.

Get ready for the ultimate indulgence with Titanium's new lineup of exciting privileges and rewards. With KrisFlyer miles, premier airport lounge access, free companion tickets for movies and more, Titanium truly accords you the real power of privileges.


As our Titanium Cardmember, you'll earn 2X OCBC$ on all overseas transactions. This accelerated rate means you can redeem any reward you want even faster. With our 100% voucher-based OCBC$ Rewards Programme, the possibilities are endless because you can redeem anything you fancy. What's more, your OCBC$ can now be converted to KrisFIyer miles for complimentary flights with our Rewards Programme. You'll truly take charge as OCBC's conversion rate is one of the fastest ways to fly for free!


Here's more good news: with Titanium, you can now treat your companions to free movies at all Cathay Cineplexes in Malaysia. Plus, you can now redeem Titanium vouchers worth RM50 or RM100 with your OCBC$. The vouchers open the doors to some of the most exclusive dining venues in town such as Chakri Palace, Bon Ton, The Social, Fugui and more. So start flashing your Titanium and treat yourself, friends and family members to a well-deserved break.


Enjoy a buy one free one for your companion with a purchase of First or Business Class air tickets with Thai Airways*. In addition to airline privileges, you will also find a myriad of five-star hotel offers selected exclusively for our esteemed Titanium cardmembers.

For more details on these elite privileges, please refer to the accompanying Titanium Welcome Pack or call us on 1300 88 5000. So what are you waiting for? Start charging to your Titanium now and take ownership of your life with a world of exclusive privileges and rewards.

Yours sincerely


* Terms and conditions apply. Subject to change without prior notification. More details in Welcome Pack.


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