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Dear Eddy Tan


Astro has always been dedicated to bring the most compelling programmes to all our valued customers. Over the past three years, our customers have enjoyed exclusive live telecasts of world-class events including the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games through our unique multiple interactive channels. During this time, we also added 24 new channels expanding the diversity and quality of our service. We are especially delighted by the enthusiastic viewership of Astro Ceria and the Playhouse Disney Channel by families entertained and educated by these two new channels.

We maintained our prices over the past three years even though our costs, especially broadcast rights for football and other sporting events, increased significantly during the same period. However, programming costs continue to escalate to such an extent that it has now become essential for us to revise the prices of our subscription packages.

The following shows the price of your current subscription package before and after our price revision. The new price is effective commencing June 2007.

Smart Card Number : 0000111122223333

Your current package : Family + Dynasty + Learning + News + Variety

Your current package price : RM 84.95

Your new package price : RM 93.95

We remain committed to make significant investments to bring high quality and engaging local and international programmes to you. Accordingly, the 11 channels that we introduced last year and our most recently launched nine new channels including Discovery Science, Discovery Real Time, Discovery Home & Health, Astro Vellithirai, and Golf Channel, are available for the enjoyment of all our customers until the end of August 2007. Thereafter they will be placed in their appropriate subscription packages. In addition, we are pleased to introduce a new entry level subscription package priced at RM37.95, and other new package options that give you the additional flexibility of selecting packages that best suit your viewing needs.

We have always delivered the best value proposition to you, and you have our commitment that we will continue to do so. If you would like more information about our new packages and prices, please visit our website at www.astro.com.my or send us a fax at 03 - 9543 7333 or send us an email at inquiries@astro.com.my or call us at 1-300 82 3838. Thank you for your kind support.



Chief Executive Officer

compelling   very exciting and interesting and making you want to watch or listen

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