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Dear Valued Customer,

On 31st May 2006, Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings Berhad and Southern Bank Berhad signed the agreement for the eventual merger of Bumiputra-Commerce Bank and Southern Bank. Now, it is my privilege to write and personally inform you that the voluntary general offer to shareholders of Southern Bank has been completed successfully, paving the way for the merger of the two banks.

It is a new beginning and the birth of a new identity for the merged banks as we move towards a full integration of our operations and ultimately take on the name CIMB Bank.

On behalf of both banks, I thank you, our valued customer, for the trust, confidence and loyal support over the years. Rest assured we will continue to focus relentlessly on how we create value for you as our customer. With this merger, you can expect a more rewarding banking experience in the future.

You can look forward to a much larger branch network and other customer touchpoints. We will combine BCB's 269 branches and SBB's 122 branches. We will have more than 1,000 ATMs. And you will have the best of BCB and SBB in terms of call centres, e-banking etc.

We now have an enlarged and improved list of products which may better serve your needs; for example a wider range of unit trusts, and harmonised pricing of mortgages and hire-purchase loans. In the coming months, while the integration is in progress, we will be introducing more and more products for our combined customers.

We promise that we will make every effort to ensure as seamless a transition as is possible so that you continue to enjoy superior levels of customer service and banking convenience.

Yours sincerely,


Group Chief executive, CIMB Group

seamless   perfectly consistent and coherent

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