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Dear Mr. Chong


Whenever you have some time in your hands, you would want to indulge in leisurely pursuits to relax and pamper yourself. Queuing at crowded banks and even on Saturdays ? Not if you can help it. we are here to help free up your precious time for you to go on a shopping spree, play a game of golf or simply spend an enjoyable moment with your loved ones. Banking now becomes a breeze with Electronic Banking Services.

Fastlane Banking

Perform hassle-free banking with your ATM card at over 50 e-Lobbies located conveniently in Singapore and over 550,000 VISA+PLUS ATMs in more than 120 countries worldwide. And now, you have more reasons to apply for your very own personalized Premier Banking ATM card - a card that reflects your stature and gives you that instant recognition at Premier Banking Centers, branches and select lifestyle providers where you can enjoy more benefits and privileges.



Does banking in the comfort of your home or office sound like a great idea ? OCBC PhoneBanking allows you to do just that - banking and managing your finances at your own hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Internet Banking

Enjoy total banking power at your fingertips, literally ! At just a click away, you will have immediate access to your bank accounts. With safety and encryption features, you can bank with total ease and peace of mind.


A small gesture

While we urge you to apply for convenient banking, it's easier with a small gesture. When you apply for any of the 3 convenient methods of banking by 20 December 2002, you will enjoy 0.125% p.a. more on your 1-month time deposits in any currency of your choice. Banking electronically with us has never been more rewarding.

To apply for Electronic Banking Services, we have attached a brochure and personalized application form for you. Simply complete and fax it to ( 65 ) 536 1122 or mail it back in the self-addressed envelope.

We look forward to serving you better.


Yours sincerely



Premier Banking


Spree - If you spend a period of time doing something in an excessive way, you can say that you are going on a particular kind of spree.

Breeze - If you say that something is a breeze, you mean that it is very easy to do or to achieve.


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