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Dear Wang Ah Ming

Additional Hospital Cash Benefit

As the market leader in the health insurance industry, ING continuously aims to provide you with the best health care coverage at affordable premiums. We are pleased to inform you that we are providing our Medical Plan Policyholders an additional hospital cash benefit at no cost, in the event of hospitalization at a government or semi-government hospital.

Depending on your current medical plan, we are paying you an additional lump sum cash benefit of RM300 and RM200 for admission to government and semi-government hospital respectively. This money is paid to you to use as you wish.

Plan type


Promotion period

Plan 1 RM100 RM400 RM300
Plan 2 RM200 RM500 RM400
Plan 3 RM300 RM600 RM500
Plan 4 RM500 RM800 RM700

This additional benefit is valid from September 6, 2004 to September 5, 2005.

Please retain this letter with your policy document for future reference. For a list of eligible hospitals, please refer to the appendix.

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to call any of our customer service representatives at this toll free number 1-800-88-0303. You may also contact your ING agent or visit any of our Service Centers nearest to you.

We trust that you will find this additional benefit relevant to your health and financial needs. As at ING, we are committed to living to our brand promise to " Make Life Worth More ... Start Living ".


Yours sincerely,

Dato' Christopher S. Davies




Lump sum - A lump sum is an amount of money that is paid as a large amount on a single occasion rather than as smaller amounts on several separate occasions.


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