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Get 30% discount

for the book

Healthy Living

written by footballer

Zainal Abidin

Present this coupon upon payment to enjoy the discount.


A rare occasion to meet the author !

Meet the celebrity author on 1st September at the Times square outlet of Ukub Books on this date.

Don't miss this chance to get the author to autograph your copy !


Note: Only original coupons will be accepted. This coupon is strictly for the purchase of the above mentioned title and valid for the month of September.

1.   To get the author to autograph the book, we must  
    A be at the shop in September  
    B be at the shop on the 1st week of September  
    C be at the shop on the 1st of September  
    D buy the book on the 1st of September at the Times Square outlet  
  Celebrate Quality Family Time

Choose a date to have a family dinner away from home at least once a month

2.   The message in the sign suggests that observing Family Dinner days once a month helps to  
    A bring the family members closer to each other  
    B enjoy eating outdoors  
    C enjoy having a dinner  
    D share family problems in a constructive manner  




3.   The message in the sign slogan suggests that decisions must be made when  
    A we are emotional  
    B we are clear of mind  
    C when we are angry  
    D when we feel like it  
  The Laughing Club offers an innovative method to let off steam. The weekly meeting involves continuous laughing for 5 to 10 minutes. Surprisingly, this seemingly eccentric activity has produced amazing improvement to the members' health, both on the physical as well as metal plane.  
4.   Which of the following phrases is the closest in meaning to let off steam ?  
    A get rid of heat  
    B allow steam to escape  
    C get rid of pent-up energy or strong emotion  
    D turn off the steam  

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    Answers : 1D    2A    3B    4C

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