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  My first day at school A day in the life of a bus driver  
  Road safety Danger at home  
  A visit to the dentist The importance of physical exercise  
  Caught in a storm A visit to the market  
  An unforgettable experience Power failure  
  My classmates Water supply disruption  
  My neighbors Visiting a durian orchard  
  My favorite time of the day Grandma  
  A journey by car An unpleasant experience  
  A picnic by the sea Confined to the house  
  A nightmare Something unexpected  

The mad woman

Ways of improving my English  
  My hobby Freak weather  
  A birthday party Places I like to visit  
  My favorite TV cartoon characters Some funny people I have met  
  Things I like to do Pests in the home  
  Fruits of Malaysia Teachers' Day  
  An Accident Birds in my garden  
  A Fire A frightful experience  
  A Robbery The way we eat  
  A Busy Street The garbage collectors  
  My favorite subject in school A close brush with death  
  The haunted house Preparing for an examination  
  My first ride on a ferry Punished in school  
  The day I won a prize Teachers, good and bad  
  The day I lost my wallet A visit to a jungle  
  The autobiography of a motorcycle My first acting role  
  The Newspaperman Crew cut  
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