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  "Erm... Thank you," he ______ as I dropped a mint onto his outstretched palm.
    (A) hollered  
(B) bellowed
    (C) grumbled  
    (D) mumbled  
2.   I smiled at him in a bid to ______ the tension.
    (A) ease  
(B) release
    (C) unleash  
    (D) appease  
3.   "Where are you going ?" I ______ curiously as I approached.
    (A) hailed  
(B) queried
    (C) spluttered  
    (D) interrogated  
4.   When he turned around and saw me, the look of apprehension on his face ______.
    (A) dissolved  
(B) dissipated
    (C) disintegrated  
    (D) disseminated  
5.   "Don't worry. Help is on the way," Father ______ me as Mother whipped out her mobile phone and called for the ambulance.
    (A) reassured  
(B) reminded
    (C) reprimanded  
    (D) interrogated  
6.   Our hearts ______ until we heard the wailing of the sirens.
    (A) took to our heels  
    (B) palpitated with anxiety
    (C) conveyed our gratitude  
    (D) cowered in fear  
7.   While she was waiting in line, a man was loitering around the area, ______ for unsuspecting victims.
    (A) on the prowl  
    (B) into prompt action
    (C) in a commanding voice  
    (D) with a grateful smile  
8.   Seeing that ______, the thief picked up the laptop and mobile phone with seasoned swiftness.
    (A) he had ill intent  
    (B) the coast was clear  
    (C) it was a rude awakening  
    (D) the casualty was in clear view  
9.   Leaping to their feet, they chased the thief on behalf of the ______.
    (A) relentless blows  
    (B) man's gaunt face  
    (C) damsel in distress  
    (D) aggressive youths  
10.   "Thank ... thank you !" Rachel managed to ______ as she bent over to catch her breath.
    (A) recover herself  
    (B) convey her gratitude  
    (C) rain kicks and punches  
    (D) cry at the top of her voice  

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