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Number of Nouns

1. Number shows whether one is meant, or more than one.


2. There are two Numbers : --

The Singular Number

The Plural Number

The Singular number denotes only one object.


boy, girl


The Plural number denotes more than one object.


boys, girls.


The Plural is generally formed by adding s to the Singular :

pen      pens             chair       chairs

book    books          garden    gardens

When the noun ends in s, x, ch, or sh, the Plural is formed by adding es to the Singular : -

glass     glasses        watch    watches

box       boxes         dish       dishes

If the noun ends in y, and the y has consonant going before it, the Plural is formed by changing y into ies : -

duty    duties       army   armies

fly       flies           lady    ladies

But if the y has vowel going before it, the Plural is formed by simply adding s : --

day      days      key           keys

boy      boys     monkey   monkeys

Most nouns ending in f or fe form the Plural by changing f or fe into ves

calf      calves         life       lives

knife    knives         wife     wives

leaf      leaves         thief     thieves

If the noun ends in o, and the o is preceded by a consonant, the Plural is generally ( not always ) formed by adding es to the Singular : --

cargo    cargoes      negro     negroes

hero      heroes        potato   potatoes

But if the o is preceded by a vowel, the Plural is formed by simply adding s to the singular : --

bamboo    bamboos       curio    curios

cuckoo     cuckoos        studio   studios

Some nouns from their Plurals irregularly : 

man       men          tooth       teeth

woman  women      mouse    mice

foot       feet           ox           oxen

goose    geese        child       children

Some Nouns have the same from in the Plural as in the Singular : -

deer      deer             fish        fish     ( fishes )

sheep    sheep           dozen    dozen ( dozens )

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