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The Apache Helicopter


A very wise man once said that nothing to fear but fear itself. I can tell you, he never had to face the Apache helicopter at night.

State-of-the-art sensors located on the rotating torque on the nose of the Longbow, transmit thermal images to a small display unit in the pilot incarnate helmet and offer improved vision over a long ranges.

Coming out of nowhere in a pitch black night, you never have a chance to see it coming, it's a living nightmare on a battlefield.

Look at that, that keg has no chance. Just like that, I think that's what fear is all about -- flexibility and ferocious firepower -- this smart helicopter is set for another 25 years of frontline combat service.

incarnate   in human form
keg   a small barrel
ferocious   fierce and violent

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The Apache Helicopter

The Apache Helicopter

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