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Fill in each blank with a suitable word.

It was a sunny afternoon. Charles scratched his head. He was pushing his pie wagon along the familiar beach, selling his freshly baked pies. However, lately, the beach-goers were ___1___ for something new. They no longer wanted pies. These were too greasy and filing. They wanted something light.

"What ? Pies again ? I wish you have something ___2___ for us !" lamented one of the beach-goers.

"Nice warm sandwiches would be most welcome," quipped another.

For the first time in a decade, he had to bring his ___3___ pies home. Charles knew that he needed to change his ___4___. He knew that if he could give his customers what they wanted, his business would surely boom.

However, his wagon was just too small that he could not offer them a variety of sandwiches long with his pies. There was no ___5___ at all !

"Something warm .. something light ..." he muttered to himself. Deep in thought, he walked ___6___ a butcher stall. The butcher was arranging strings of sausages. Something about the long sausages stirred his ___7___. Then, he walked past a ___8___. Bread of all shapes and sizes caught his attention. Charles paused to look at the long rolls. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head.

He decided ___9___ and then to serve sausages on rolls ! However, he needed to convince his customers that the sausages would be nice and warm. So, Charles decided to have a hot stove installed right inside his wagon. He ___10___ that if the customers could see the red hot sausages, then they would definitely be ___11___ to try out his new invention -- sausage on a roll !

It was strange that no one had ever thought of serving a sausage on a roll before. His invention was a ___12___ and during his first year, he sold about 3700 sausages on a roll.

How then did it become known as 'hot dogs' ?

Well, like all good food stories, the name happened to be ___13___ by a man who, being rather impatient while waiting for his turn, shouted, "Give me one of those hot dogs !" Of course, he referred the sausages as ___14___ as they look like the elongated Dachshund -- the dogs that have long bodies and short ___15___.

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1. yearning

2. else

3. unsold

4. strategy

5. space

6. past

7. imagination

8. bakery

9. there

10. figured

11. tempted

12. hit

13. coined

14. dogs

15. legs


001    002    003    004    005    006    007    008    009    010    011    012    013    014    015    016    017    018    019    020    021    022    023    024    025    026    027    028    029    030


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